True journalist along with Amy of Democracy Now, Matt of Rolling Stones, Shepard at Fox, Cynk of TYT, Keith of Current and a few others.RIH Broski…My morning rants excuse my cheese

The voters of the U.S. are about to choose new leadership for the world’s most important nation at a time when we are beset with wars, economic failures and confoundedly complicated social issues. Every Sunday, more than 4 million Americans tune in to Meet the Pressseeking help in trying to understand the issues and the candidates. They choose that program because Tim Russert is among the most astute, discerning and relentless pursuers of truth in the nation, and has been for years.

Most candidates are not eager to present themselves to Tim’s incisive scrutiny, which is fed by his prodigious study and preparation. But they have little choice: appearing on Meet the Press today is as vital to a serious candidate as being properly registered to vote.