Facebook M   A Siri like Virtual Assistant for Messenger

Facebook has just unveiled their own virtual assistant to be deployed within their Messenger app. Its called Facebook M, the new service aims to actually do stuff for you like buy things, deliver gifts, make reservations, and arrange travel instead of just answer questions or set-up reminders. Keep an eye out for the new Facebook M to come out over the next few weeks.

Facebook M   A Siri like Virtual Assistant for Messenger


Facebook Thuggin’: Teen Arrested for Threatening Emojis


 A 17-year-old Bushwick resident was arrested on Sunday after cops spotted alleged threats against the NYPD posted to his Facebook page. And the real trigger, apparently, were emojis: specifically, gun emojis pointed at police emojis. He has since been charged with making terrorist threats, in addition to weapons and drugs possession.

According to a criminal complaint, Osiris Aristy was arrested at his home on Wyckoff Avenue at around 2:46 a.m. on Sunday, after an informant with the police department spotted a series of troubling posts on his Facebook page. These, according to the complaint, included photos of himself posing with drugs, gang signs and guns, but cops were primarily concerned about the emoji-heavy “threats” referencing the NYPD.



Aristy, who has a long rap sheet and pleaded guilty to robbery in October, had bail set at $150,000.


WTFlyingEFF? Facebook Asserts Trademark on Word ‘Book’ in New User Agreement

I do not like what these social networks are trying to do nowadays. First, it is your privacy, wait sorry; you already share your private life for millions to see. Now they want to trademark ‘book’ with their new user agreement…WOWSKI, these guys are DWICKBOOKS

Facebook is trying to expand its trademark rights over the word “book” by adding the claim to a newly revised version of its “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities,” the agreement all users implicitly consent to by using or accessing Facebook.

You may recall that Facebook has launched multiple lawsuits against websites incorporating the word “book” into their names. Facebook, as far as we can tell, doesn’t have a registered trademark on “book.” But trademark rights can be asserted based on use of a term, even if the trademark isn’t registered, and adding the claim to Facebook’s user agreement could boost the company’s standing in future lawsuits filed against sites that use the word.

“Unregistered marks are quite common in the US,” University of Minnesota Law Professor William McGeveran told Ars. “Rights arise from use, not registration (though registration does give you some other advantages). That’s how Facebook can try to claim ‘book.’” If you see a ™ next to a name, that indicates an unregistered, claimed trademark, whereas an R in a circle signifies a registered one, McGeveran notes.

So, what exactly is Facebook changing? If you view the current Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, you’ll find this sentence:

“You will not use our copyrights or trademarks (including Facebook, the Facebook and F Logos, FB, Face, Poke, Wall and 32665), or any confusingly similar marks, without our written permission.”

If you’re wondering, 32665 is the number allowing Facebook users to update their pages through text message. The newly revised user agreement reads as follows (emphasis ours):

“You will not use our copyrights or trademarks (including Facebook, the Facebook and F Logos, FB, Face, Poke, Book and Wall), or any confusingly similar marks, except as expressly permitted by our Brand Usage Guidelines or with our prior written permission.”

Not accepting the terms isn’t really an option for anyone with a Facebook account. “By using or accessing Facebook, you agree to this Statement,” the document says.



Where does Facebook valuation come from? Is it the amount of subscribers that equals to advertising dollars? I thought we killed the theory behind advertising revenue stream in 2001-2002. No, it’s the demographic and personal information they have on each subscriber. Facebook documents your every move online. They know when you’re stalking the hot chick you keep sending friend request. There is no privacy and there is no need to force information out of subscribers. They will offer up their personal lives with ease. It happens everyday. Facebook is good for business, a company can buy subscribers information and then market their service or goods to these subscribers.

Overall, I still think Facebook, Linkedin, Groupon is a return to the 99-2000’s and overvalued companies. Myspace set the precedent.

50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather & Mike Tyson Street King Ad

Inspired by The Hangover, here’s a new commercial for 50′s Street King energy shot featuring Pretty Boy Floyd and an overly-hyped Iron Mike.

Go to 50’s Street King Facebook Page and click the Like button.  Your Like=One Meal

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Pauly D, Lady Gaga, Nas & More Pledge To Remember Victims Of 9/11 On 10 Year Anniversary [Video]

On the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy celebrities DJ Pauly D, Nas, Lady Gaga, Juliane Hough and Drake Bell are pledging to remember the lives lost.

During the PSA, which were created by Viacom to encourage Americans to remember the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to save others as well as volunteer and donate to worthy causes, the famous faces ask the same question: “What will you do?”

If you were affected by tragedy or just want to remember the victims, you can leave a tribute on their Facebook page here.

Check out the PSA

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Jealous Ex-Boyfriend Killed Rival :: Pretended To Be A Girl On Facebook

Careful who you speak to on Facebook or any other social site, check this story out:

A spurned boyfriend lured a teenage love rival to his death using an elaborate ruse on Facebook, police in Florida claim.

Murder Suspect: Israel Nieves 

Victim: Jason Rodriguez

Israel Nieves set up a fake profile for a woman called Ty-Ann and flirted with Jason Rodriguez for  weeks online before inviting him to ‘her’ house.

But as Rodriguez, a 19-year-old bodybuilder, waited outside in his car, Nieves walked up to the window and calmly shot him in the face and neck, detectives say. Rodriguez died a week later in hospital.

Details of the case were revealed in records from the Orange County Court, Orlando, where Nieves, 19, faces a charge of first-degree murder with a firearm.

Police say that Nieves, who had recently broken up with a girl Rodriguez was dating, set up a fake Facebook profile in the name of Ty-Ann and used it to build a relationship with his victim using emails and online chat.

When Rodriguez pressed for a phone call and a face-to-face meeting, Nieves asked a female friend to play the role.

She invited Rodriguez to an address in Orlando that she told him was hers, and he drove there in his green Honda Accord car, records show.

But instead of a meeting with Ty-Ann, Rodriguez, a student at Valencia Community College, was confronted by Nieves.

Nieves chased and fired at a witness who saw the shooting, police say, but they escaped unharmed.

The witness gave detectives a detailed description of the shooter, who was wearing a bandana and a skullcap, a red long-sleeved sweatshirt, dark trousers and white shoes.

Detectives who later obtained a search warrant retrieved a black ski mask, black bandana, black gloves and a .32-calibre pistol from a bedroom at Nieves’s parents’ home.

Police discovered the relationship with ‘Ty-Ann’ through Rodriguez’s computer.

Although Nieves allegedly went to great lengths to cover his tracks, even creating a fake phone number to swap texts with his victim, computer experts found evidence on his iPod Touch, email and iTunes accounts.

Nieves denied his involvement when he was arrested, but later broke down under questioning and admitted he was only trying to scare his rival and gain evidence to show his ex-girlfriend that Rodriguez was cheating on her.

He claimed not to remember the night of the shooting, in February this year, because he had been drinking and ‘smoking embalming fluid’.

He told investigators: “I hope I never kill anybody. I don’t know. I just had a blackout. I don’t know what happened after that. I really don’t.”

“I never wanted him dead or anything. I don’t remember shooting the gun. I was drinking a lot.”

Nieves had a rocky and sometimes violent relationship with his ex-girlfriend, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

When they broke up, he emailed her a picture of himself clutching a gun. He is also alleged to have raped her and threatened her family.

 He is being held without bond at the Orange County Jail, and is also charged with the rape of a 14-year-old girl he met online.

Friends say that Rodriguez, a keen amateur bodybuilder who was training for a career in sports medicine, was popular.

He was “very loving, outgoing, strong young man who struck the hearts of all who came across his path”, one wrote in his obituary.

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