For their August/September annual Style & Design issue, Complex magazine summoned pop superstar Beyonce to grace their cover.  This is just the 2nd time in 8 years Beyonce covers Complex. 

This issue doesn’t officially hit stands until August 9th, but Complex has graciously given us all the chance to check out the full cover story and photos, below:


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Complex – Buyer Beware: The 20 Craziest Fake Kicks On The Internet


 Zoom Kobe VI “Rastafarian”… Air Force 1 Foamposite “Copper”…  Zoom Hyperfuse LeBron James “Grinch”… before you ask where and how you can “cop” a pair of these primo exclusives, hark to the Latin term “caveat emptor” or buyer beware. These and 17 of their compatriots are the ones who made The 20 Craziest Fake Kicks on the Internet compiled byComplex. Not surprisingly, all of the offended pieces came from China. With virtually no labor laws and its factories hemming along 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all the designer there has to do is submit an idea and voila! you have a pair of Air Jordan IV OG x Nike Air Max 1 x Nike Air Max 2011 Fusion…

FAKE! Air Jordan Retro XIII x Nike Air Max LeBron VIII Fusion

FAKE! Nike Zoom Kobe VI “Rastafarian”

FAKE! Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite “Copper”

FAKE! Air Jordan IV OG x Nike Air Max 1 x Nike Air Max 2011 Fusion

FAKE! Nike Zoom Hyperfuse LeBron James “Grinch”

So if you see anyone wearing any of these kicks just do them a favor and take them off his feet and throw them in the trash. SMH! So disrespectful to the sneaker game. 

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Prodigy – The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP

1. The One & Only (Produced By Sid Roams)
2. Go Off (Produced By Sid Roams)
3. Black Devil (Produced By Sid Roams)
4. Twilight (Feat. Havoc) (Produced By Sid Roams)
5. For One Night Only (Produced By Alchemist)
6. Strong (Produced By King Benny)
7. Told Ya’ll (Produced By Sid Roams) (Bonus)

DL: Prodigy – The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP

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Lil B Announces His New Album Will Be Titled “I’m Gay”

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Young rapper Lil B  has announced that his new album will be called “I’m Gay.”

The controversial announcement apparently happened at coachella, reports Pitchfork via its Twitter page.

The announcement, though perhaps shocking, should not necessarily come as a surprise. given that the California artist has a freestyle called “I’m a Faggot,” and famously Tweeted, “If Kanye West Dosent [sic] Acknowledge Me Over Twitter And Work With Me On Music, When i see him im going to fuck him in the ass – Lil B.”

Lil B addressed the subject of his sexuality in an interview with Complex. “It’s a touchy subject. I respect the hell out of gays and the gay community. I’m not a gay man. I don’t agree with sex with another man or fucking another man or giving blow jobs to another guy. That’s not my thing. I’d rather fuck a girl, fuck her in her ass, fuck her in the mouth or something.”

He continued, explaining, “People get scared when they hear the gay word, but when you truly know yourself, you gonna be good. Say for instance you’re watching a porno, right. And, you’re jacking off and shit, and some gay shit pops up. And you’re like, ‘Oh, shit!’ Either you’re gonna look at that shit, or you’re not gonna look at it and you’re not gonna give a fuck about it. Like, some gay shit can pop up on me, and I don’t give a fuck about it. I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s that gay shit. Get that shit off. Back to the bitches.’ But some muthafuckers are in denial. Some dudes are really in denial. They’re like, ‘What’s that? Ohhhh!’ And they hate themselves for that. They’re like, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ You feel me? And these are motherfuckers that’s around us. That’s not saying shit. So, it’s like, I’m a faggot because I’m so not a faggot. I can say I’m a faggot. I can say I’m the gayest bitch on Earth. And I’m so not gay, it’s obvious. I know from my deepest core that I’m very far from gay. So I can say I’m the bitch queen that fucks cows. I’m not.”

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