‘ONE DAY IT’LL ALL MAKE SENSE’ :: Common To Release Autobiography September 13th

There are few in the game who have witnessed as much as Common has over his long career. In his autobiography, titled One Day It’ll All Make Sense, the Chicago native details his experiences and stories involving TupacBiggieLauryn HillBarack Obama, and Nelson Mandela.

In One Day It’ll All Make Sense, Common holds nothing back. He tells what it was like for a boy with big dreams growing up on the South Side of Chicago.

He reveals how he almost quit rapping after his first album, Can I Borrow a Dollar?, sold only two thousand copies.

He recounts his rise to stardom, giving a behind-the-scenes look into the recording studios, concerts, movie sets, and after-parties of a hip-hop celebrity and movie star.

He reflects on his controversial invitation to perform at the White House, a story that grabbed international headlines. And he talks about the challenges of balancing fame, love, and fatherhood.

The book will be released on September 13. It can be pre-ordered here.


Shout outs to Rashid and Derek, congratulations! 

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Please people,  enough with all this nonsense about a bunch of powerless recording artists controlling the earth and being down with the New World Order.  The worst thing we will see from these guys is the Taylor Swift incident and Kanye was ready to off his self after the ridicule and you guys claim he is the leader of the New World Order?   Stop it and look at the story below of the guys who really are from the darkside and what they have planned for this country and are not afraid to put their billions behind it:

The vast Right Wing Conspiracy will convene in January, according to a personal invitation that infamous billionaire Charles Koch recently sent to his rich friends. There they will plot to stop the Obama agenda, perhaps with Glenn Beck giving instructions.

The New York Times and Think Progress each obtained a memo sent in September from Koch Industries owner Charles Koch — who, along with brother David, has quietly spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the years building a right-wing network of businessmen, think tank scholars, and political operatives — inviting hedge fund managers and industry captains and whomever else to his biannual “retreat.” If the Kochs don’t want so many people believing conspiracy theories about how they secretly control the country from behind closed doors, then maybe they should write hyperbolic personal pleas like this to their network of friends, because they will get leaked. Click to enlarge:

Republican Billionaires Arrange Secret Meeting to Plot Evil

You can read the full memo here. Koch included a brochure of events from their last meeting in July, in Aspen. Think Progress compiled a guide to the 200+ rather powerful attendees, who had the 2010 election much on their minds.

But this is the scariest revelation about the June conference, from the Times report:

The participants in Aspen dined under the stars at the top of the gondola run on Aspen Mountain, and listened to Glenn Beck of Fox News in a session titled, “Is America on the Road to Serfdom?” (The title refers to a classic of Austrian economic thought that informs libertarian ideology, popularized by Mr. Beck on his show.) The participants included some of the nation’s wealthiest families and biggest names in finance: private equity and hedge fund executives like John Childs, Cliff Asness, Steve Schwarzman and Ken Griffin; Phil Anschutz, the entertainment and media mogul ranked by Forbes as the 34th-richest person in the country; Rich DeVos, the co-founder of Amway; Steve Bechtel of the giant construction firm; and Kenneth Langone of Home Depot.

Glenn Beck was their teacher, everyone. Talking to billionaires about serfdom. Good lord.