KIM KARDASHIAN Shows Off Her Assets For The Latest Issue Of PAPER MAGAZINE

Kim Kardashian literally bares it all for the latest cover of Paper magazine.  The star covers the mag’s appropriately titled “Break the Internet” issue and with pictures like this, there’s no doubt Paper‘s site is going to crash soon. As a less vulgar option—Paper dropped a second cover, which features Kim suggestively blasting champagne into a glass… that’s resting on her derriere.

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CONSEQUENCE Calls ANGIE MARTINEZ/HOT 97, Gives His Side Of The Story Regarding Incident w/ JOE BUDDEN




COMPLEX.COM Presents… “The 50 BIGGEST STORIES Of 2012… In GIFs”

The 50 Biggest Stories of 2012, In GIFs

While we could probably say this about every year since forever, 2012 has been crazy. Legit crazy. First of all, we lived through the last date in our calendar that will ever feature three repeating numbers (12/12/12). Second, 2012 was when the Mayans said we would all die (that could still happen this Friday). Third, fourth, and fifth, we re-elected a president, endured an insane hurricane, and hovered on the edge of a metaphorical cliff that could cost us all a lot of money and awesome benefits. And let’s not forget how we somehow made it through the Jelena breakup (and reunification…and breakup). 

Although Complex loves to read and watch the news, we feel there’s an even better, faster, more efficient way to spread the word: GIFs. With GIFs, you get the picture and the movement you would while watching CNN or MSNBC without the annoying blather. You don’t have to waste minutes of your life reading information you’re likely to forget in five seconds anyway, and with some of these little packages of goodness, you even get a laugh. What’s not to love?

With that in mind, we bring you The 50 Biggest Stories of 2012, In GIFs, so you can relive the best, the worst, and the most cringe-inducing moments of the last 12 months. Now you won’t have any excuse for thinking that Pussy Riot was a porno.

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::KONY 2012::

There is no denying that the reach of social media has affected our planet, connecting individuals at a pace and personal level that could never have been predicted. KONY 2012, a year long project created by Invisible Children, intends to use this revolutionary social tool to spread the word and make known Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda. For over 20 years, Kony has abducted children and forced them into warfare to serve his own motivation for power. The purpose of the KONY 2012 campaign is simply to make him famous, not so that he may be celebrated, but because the idea that knowledge is power. If the world is aware of his agenda, we will be motivated to stop him. Throughout this exceptionally compelling and well made 30 minute video, director Jason Russell narrates and tells the story of how he got involved with this crisis and how he feels a new precedent for international justice can be set if the word is spread about Joseph Kony, eventually leading to his arrest. The video and the project will expire December 31, 2012. For more information, watch the above video and head to the KONY 2012 site here.

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