NICKI MINAJ Covers The April ’13 Issue Of “ELLE” MAGAZINE

The April edition of ELLE featuring NICKI MINAJ hits newsstands everywhere Tuesday, March 26th.




LIFE + TIMES Presents THE TRUTH w/ ELLIOT WILSON = “The 10 Most Anticipated Hip Hop Albums Of 2013”


“PALPATINE a.k.a Kissinger declines offer from Herman Cain”

Richard Nixon one, Herman Cain zero. Herman Cain said yesterday that the 88 year-old Henry Kissinger has declined an offer to serve as Secretary of State in his putative administration.

“Dr. Kissinger turned my offer down to be Secretary of State,” said Cain when asked who he might put in his administration. “He said he’s perfectly happy doing what he’s doing,” Cain added. Cain revealed the offer in a video interview — yeah, that one — with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board.

Cain also mentioned Jim DeMint, Paul Ryan, KT McFarland, John Bolton, and John Chain as potential administration-members, though he didn’t say whether he’d made them job offers. Also, no word yet on whether Spiro Agnew will agree to be Cain’s running mate.


NEWT GINGRICH: Spanish is “the language of living in a ghetto.”…WHOA DONKEY

As the Republican candidates for the 2012 Election (with the exception of Ron Paul and John Huntsman) continue to spew garbage out their bunghole. A jewel of wisdom from Newt Gingrich past has come back to haunt him. In 2007, the Hispanics were the scapegoat for America’s woe; it’s never the legislators or the policies they enact into law. However, peep the evidence of hatred that continues to divide poor , middle and working class people. We all face the same problem but the leaders and the dunce of America continue to divide us with BS like racism, class warfare and discrimination. Hey Newt, I suggest you look for the origin of the word ghetto before you open your trap. Peep it:

Now that Gingrich has joined the top tier of the Republican presidential competition, the opposition research from competing campaigns has started coming out.

Exhibit A comes in the from Politico’s Jonathan Martin, who reports that another campaign has begun circulating video from a speech that Gingrich gave in 2007 to the National Federation of Republican Women where he said that Spanish is “the language of living in a ghetto.”


EXCLUSIVE: ‘An Autumn America’ :: Occupy = What Democracy Looks Like!

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 “We are here to take back what is already ours”

Its January 25th, 2011 the world has their eyes on a nation that finally grew tired of the oppression, the greed, and the isolation that their government had put them through for more than 30 years. Finally, the Egyptian nation stood up, went out and marched, protested, and demanded their country be returned to the rightful owners…THE PEOPLE. It was a time of great pride for the Egyptian people, a time for their voices to be heard. A time for revolution that has come to be known as the “Arab spring.”

As the world watched and for the first time in too long witnessed true democracy unfold, many of us began to question if that was ever going to happen here; what about us?

And so it continued. More Arab nations began to rise up and have their voices heard. Europe was not to be left behind. Those English stood up, looked at each other and said “HELL NAH!” and protested in what became known as the “European summer.” Again, we stood back and questioned if that was ever going to happen here, what about us?

Well, what about us? Aren’t we tired of the bullshit also? Aren’t we tired of the corruption, the lies, and all the stealing? It didn’t seem as if there was going to be any sort of uprising, like Americans were going to sit back and watch without being inspired. Inspiration, however stubborn the person is, is a hard feeling to fight. Well, thousands of us took it in and are now saying enough is enough.


October 2011, right on time for autumn, right on time to name our season, the American fall. For too long our country has been in the hands of the corporate oligarchs, the greedy Wall Street executives, the corrupt politicians who through their lies and manipulations have lead us to catastrophe. With more than 14 million people unemployed bringing the rate to 9.1%, a poverty rate of 15.1% meaning more than 45 million people living below the poverty line, budget cuts to the most essential sources such as health care and education, it is time we take back what was stolen from us decades ago. The 99% against the 1% a group of people who own 70% of the nation’s financial assets making America the country with the highest inequality in the industrialized world. If the media wants a reason for why we’re protesting, there it is.

This is class warfare and we’re losing

So we’ve taken to the streets, following our Arab and European brothers and sisters and demanding that our voices be heard, demanding what is right. Liberty Square in NYC has become the epicenter of what we hope to make a revolution. Thousands of Americans coming out to show their support to the movement by marching, protesting and peacefully demonstrating what we are tired of. As you walk through liberty square there is a somewhat surreal feeling. Surreal in the fact that this raw form of democracy is being acted out right here at home in NYC the worlds leading financial market. Shit like this you only see on TV. Walking through, you also feel a sense of togetherness, a sense of unity, a sense of love for what the movement represents. One cannot walk through, feel those emotions and not think of the revolutionary spirit that went through those in Egypt and other parts of the world.

Of course, no revolution is going to happen without the elite trying to fight back. Police brutality along with government shutdowns of some sections of the MTA has been less than surprising. We must remember that the police force is nothing but a branch of the establishment, so naturally the police will defend the interests of the establishment.


They will try and break us, tear us down till we give up. However, the more they attack the more we show up and the more we show up the bigger the movement. The media has not been all that helpful either, portraying the protestors as an uneducated and unfocused group of people who do not know what we are protesting for. One journalist in particular Erin Burnett actually compared our movement to Woodstock…fuckin’ airhead. This is the bourgeois and the proletariat, a classic tale.

Where is Obama in all this? He does not seem to be going against what is happening on Wall Street, saying that this is a reaction to the corporate greed and unfairness that the American people have been facing for decades. It seems though as our brother is letting this ride out, letting it grow to see where it goes. I give it up to him; usually the president will try everything in his power to shut these things down. The President usually will paint us as some radical movement filled with wackos and hippies. I don’t know if it is the upcoming elections or Obama is just tired of the bullshit but it seems as if he is coming around, we just have to wait and see.

So we’ll continue to march and protest till our movement reaches a point they cannot ignore.

October 5th 2011 was nothing to be ignored. New Yorkers came out in record-breaking numbers to march against the corporate oligarchs with the help of major unions such as National Transit Union, United Federation of Teachers, and National Nurses United. Our chants are being heard round the world, our message is strong, and our determination is resilient to every thing. We the people are here to stay and if anyone asks what democracy looks like…well THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!

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California Medical Assn. calls for Legalization of Marijuana

The state’s largest doctor group is calling for legalization of marijuana, even as it pronounces cannabis to be of questionable medical value.

Trustees of the California Medical Assn., which represents more than 35,000 physicians statewide, adopted the position at their annual meeting in Anaheim late Friday. It is the first major medical association in the nation to urge legalization of the drug, according to a group spokeswoman, who said the larger membership was notified Saturday.

Dr. Donald Lyman, the Sacramento physician who wrote the group’s new policy, attributed the shift to growing frustration over California’s medical marijuana law, which permits cannabis use with a doctor’s recommendation. That, he said, has created an untenable situation for physicians: deciding whether to give patients a substance that is illegal under federal law.

“It’s an uncomfortable position for doctors,” he said. “It is an open question whether cannabis is useful or not. That question can only be answered once it is legalized and more research is done. Then, and only then, can we know what it is useful for.”

The CMA’s new stance appears to have as much to do with politics as science. The group has rejected one of the main arguments of medical marijuana advocates, declaring that the substance has few proven health benefits and comparing it to a “folk remedy.”

The group acknowledges some health risk associated with marijuana use and proposes that it be regulated along the lines of alcohol and tobacco. But it says the consequences of criminalization outweigh the hazards.

Lyman says current laws have “proven to be a failed public health policy.” He cited increased prison costs, the effect on families when marijuana users are imprisoned and racial inequalities in drug-sentencing cases.

The organization’s announcement provoked some angry response.

“I wonder what they’re smoking,” said John Lovell, spokesman for the California Police Chiefs Assn. “Given everything that we know about the physiological impacts of marijuana — how it affects young brains, the number of accidents associated with driving under the influence — it’s just an unbelievably irresponsible position.”

The CMA’s view is also controversial in the medical community.

Dr. Robert DuPont, an M.D. and professor of psychiatry at Georgetown Medical School, said the association’s call for legalization showed “a reckless disregard of the public health. I think it’s going to lead to more use, and that, to me, is a public health concern. I’m not sure they’ve thought through what the implications of legalization would be.”

Dr. Igor Grant, head of the Center for Medicinal Cannabis at UC San Diego, defended the drug’s therapeutic use.

“There’s good evidence that it has medicinal value,” he said. “Can you say it’s 100% bulletproof? No. But the research we’ve done at the center shows it’s helpful with certain types of pain.”

The federal government views cannabis as a substance with no medical use, on a par with heroin and LSD. The CMA wants the Obama administration to reclassify it to help promote further research on its medical potential.

But Washington appears to be moving in the other direction. As recently as July, the federal government turned down a request to reclassify marijuana. That decision is being appealed in federal court by legalization advocates.

In recent weeks, the Obama administration has begun cracking down on California’s medical marijuana industry, threatening to prosecute landlords who rent buildings to pot dispensaries.

California’s marijuana laws have eased over the last 15 years. State voters passed Proposition 215 in 1996, decriminalizing it for medicinal purposes. Federal law still prohibits the sale or possession of the drug for any reason.

The CMA opposed Proposition 215, and it argues that doctors have been placed unwillingly in the center of the feud over the drug.

“When the proposition passed, we as an organized medical community got thrown into the middle of this issue, because the posture of the proposition and its proponents found that cannabis is a medicinal product that is useful for a long list of specific ailments,” Lyman said.

The state has since softened its laws on even recreational use of the drug. In 2010, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill that reclassified possession of less than an ounce from a misdemeanor to an infraction.

At the same time, the number of marijuana dispensaries was skyrocketing, to between 1,000 and 2,000 statewide, according to estimates by law enforcement officials. In January, the Los Angeles City Council set strict limits on pot outlets, ordering the closure of hundreds of them.

Opinion polls show that state voters continue to be in favor of medical marijuana but are divided on the question of total legalization. A recent survey by the Public Policy Institute of California found 51% opposed to complete legalization and 46% in favor.

Last November, California voters rejected Proposition 19, which would have legalized the possession and cultivation of limited amounts of cannabis and permitted local governments to regulate it and tax sales. The CMA took no public position on the measure, its leaders said.

Across the country, physicians have called for more cannabis-related research. The CMA’s parent organization, the American Medical Assn., has said the federal government should consider easing research restrictions.

Meanwhile, Lyman said, “there is considerable harm being done.”


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Kid Cudi x Complex Magazine Cover

Cudi returns to the cover of Complex for their October/November 2011 issue. Mag hits newsstands October 4th, but the entire thing is available to read now. Excerpt from the cover story below.

Is that drug hangover why you disappeared after you released your second album?
“I wanted to clear my head, besides detox. I had to look at the root of the whole problem, and that was work and the business.”

How so?
“I wasn’t trying to hear it from nobody. I’m not even going to attack the people in my life that didn’t step in and try to stop it, ’cause I was just so bullheaded. There’s no way to slow somebody when they’re speeding down a path of destruction.”

“I thought I was dealing with it in the proper way. I was in the moment. And when you’re that young, with that opportunity, all that money, and all that respect and power, sometimes you run with it. ’Cause I was like, Man, you don’t know if this shit’s gon’ be here tomorrow.”


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