Jean-Michel Basquiat x Ligne Blanche = 2015 Porcelain Plates

Photo Jul 23, 6 26 41 PM

Photo Jul 23, 6 26 43 PM

Paris’s Ligne Blanche is back with another Jean-Michel Basquiat collab, linking up with the late artist’s estate yet again to introduce a set of custom porcelain plates. Retailing for $150 USD each, the plates can be found now in limited quantities at Gagosian Gallery.

Photo Jul 23, 6 26 46 PM

Photo Jul 23, 6 26 49 PM


::ARTLIFE:: Derrick Adams = Collage Works on Paper

Adams-Emanare-2013-web-800pxCheck out some of our favorite pieces by artist Derrick Adams.

His collage works on paper create minimal geometric constructions of angular human figures that seemingly live both in a state of deconstruction at the same time as if in the process of being built.

Adams_HalesGallery_5_web-800pxAdams-Still-Life-2013-web-800pxAdams-Illuminary-Luminating-2013-web-800pxAdams-Cultural-Centers-Joined-by-Public-Art-Commission-2014-web-800pxDerrick Adams is a multidisciplinary New York–based artist. To see more of his work, visit



Check out The GAME’S Album cover for his 5th studio album, “JESUS PIECE”, due sometime in December.  Is the artwork Blasphemous?  Will he have to take this up with Jehovah? 




Dr. Dre is set to take on a rather frightening film project. “Variety” is reporting that the hip-hop icon will be producing the upcoming horror film “Thaw.” Dre’s partner at Crucial Films, Daniel Schnider, will serve as the film’s co-producer. “Thaw” will revolve around “an ancient evil” that emerges from the melting ice in the Yukon. Dr. Dre isn’t a stranger to the film industry. He’s made appearances in the movies “The Wash” and “Training Day.” He also served as “The Wash’s” executive producer. A release date for “Thaw” hasn’t been announced.

JEEZAM PEEZAM: “The Twist Bike by Jose -don’t hurt ’em-Hurtado”

It looks rigid but its genius, Jose. Let’s see these in production already. Be careful not to slip off the seat or you may hit a high note like Al B. Sure screaming in pain.

Designer: Jose Hurtado