Synamatiq LLC, is a joint venture company specializing in Clothing and Design. The Synamatiq brand exemplifies the young and the young-at-heart ‘trendsetters’ all over the world. The concept for our brand is based on life seen through the lens of movies, iconic figures of all genres, music and pop culture. Synamatiq’s themes are presented with images that have made an impact on society and our everyday lives in profound ways. Synamatiq was created to complement the personal style and the mindset of the individual looking to be unique with his/her style.


Our mission here at Synamatiq is to present quality, new and inspirational designs. We stress ingenuity and originality when we design for our customers.   Synamatiq is a global brand based on one principle, ‘Creativity and the people.’  Synamatiq is here to create visual euphoria with a balance of life, persona and style.



7 thoughts on “ABOUT SyNaMATIQ

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