The original don daper of Hip Hop, John Forte shares some highlights from his new movie. On another note, this man can tell you about the real coke boys, not birds or bricks. This man had gallons my small fry friends. He said it in his raps:

I am more than just a rhymer/you still a small timer


In The Russian Winter, recently released inmate, John Forte, travels to Russia in an effort to “jumpstart” his career as a musician. Forte, who began his career as a musician during the last decade of the Twentieth Century as the protégée of Lauryn Hill, was at the height of his career in the United States, having released his first solo album and being nominated for a Grammy Award.

In the year 2000, however, he was caught by the authorities at Newark International Airport (in New Jersey) with two bags full of liquid cocaine valued at millions of dollars. Forte, consequently, was sentenced to fourteen years in a Federal Prison (Fort Dix) although it was a first offense for Forte. By the year 2009, however, he had caught the attention of musician Carly Simon who passionately advocated for his release. She even posted bail for him.

As a result of good behavior, Forte was released into the society-at-large after doing seven-and-a-half years in prison (commuted by George W. Bush) despite the criminal record he sought to make a musical comeback, but time after time his efforts were stonewalled. Undaunted, Forte secured permission from his parole officer to go on tour in Russia during some of its harshest winter months. The reception he got overwhelming and marked by sold-out crowds.



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