“Yep, BARON DAVIS will be A KNICK!!”

Baron Davis averages 13.1 ppg and 6.7 apg last season for the Clippers and Cavaliers.

As suspect and thin as their backcourt is, the Knicks are still rolling a big pair of dice with their decision to sign Baron Davis to a one-year contract.

Davis, 32, has been a classic underachiever in recent seasons when he’s been healthy. Add to that his current back injury, which is expected to sideline the veteran guard another two months, if not longer, and he’s hardly a sure thing.

Due to Davis’ herniated disk, the Knicks might not even see what he can contribute until mid-February, which would be roughly halfway into their 66-game season.

But with veteran Mike Bibby, Toney Douglas and rookie Iman Shumpert not giving the Knicks a front-line playmaker, they opted to commit $2.5 million to Davis, who is with his third team in 10 months and embarking on his 13th NBA season.

He was waived on Friday by the Cavaliers via the NBA’s new amnesty clause, freeing Cleveland from having his $30 million count against its salary cap and tax ledgers.


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