VIDEO: MTV X Election Coverage 2012 via “Power Of Twelve”

I wonder if MTV will feature Ron Paul or the President heavily, hmmm?

On Tuesday, MTV will officially launch the Power of 12, our coverage of the 2012 election, beginning with the premiere of the documentary “Our Voice.” The doc follows filmmaker Andrew Jenks as he crosses the country — and hits the campaign trail — to speak with young voters about the issues that concern them most, and the Republican candidates that are vying for their support.

“Our Voice” will debut Tuesday at 4:54 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. And if you think you know everything about the concerns of the nation’s 45 million voters ages 18 to 29 (or the GOP hopefuls currently courting them), well, you’re in for an eye-opener. Because, as the 25-year-old behind MTV’s doc-style series “World of Jenks” told MTV News, he thought he did too. It was only when Jenks hit the road that he discovered how much he didn’t know.

Check out a preview of ‘Power of 12: Our Voice’!


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