“The 10 BEST WATCHES OF 2011-Check them out”

Best Watches Of 2011

No.10 Best Pocket Watch – URWERK UR-1001 Zeit Device

URWERK created the very coolest pocket watch made in 2011, maybe even the coolest ever made in watchmaking history. Because this mechanical wonder is mechanical, URWERK gave it an oil change indicator. Yes, like in a car. It even has three oil-change indicators, one of which tells you it needs service after five years of running. The second and third indicator will keep track of how long the watch has been running and can measure time up to 1,000 years — yes, 1,000 years.

Pocket watches are cool, but the URWERK UR-1001 Zeit Device is über-cool.

Best Watches Of 2011

No.9 Best Travel Watch – Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time

Maybe this seems like a strange category, but when you think about it, it might make sense. Picture this: You take a flight to a beautiful tropical island. Of course you want to tell all your friends how beautiful it is, how warm it is and how great the sea and reefs are. This Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time tells you when you can call friends at home without waking them in the middle of the night while it’s on your wrist on a comfortable rubber strap. This is also handy when you want to take a plunge in that beautiful blue ocean.

No wonder this is the best travel watch of 2011.

Best Watches Of 2011

No.8 Best Sport Watch – Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed

Linde Werdelin is a young brand creating funky and innovative watches that can be combined with sports computers. These sports computers, one for diving and one for mountain sports, can simply be attached to the top of the watch, offering the best of both worlds.

The new SpidoSpeed is Linde Werdelin’s chronograph with a cool skeletonized case and multilayer dial. Besides looking very cool, it’s also a great mechanical chronograph, and we’re sure your friends will envy you for wearing it.

Best Watches Of 2011

No.7 Best Reissue Watch – Rolex Explorer II ref. 216570

It can be difficult to come up with a new watch. The basics are pretty established: a round case, not too thick, strapped on the wrist with a leather, rubber or steel band. Maybe the watch industry is out of inspiration. In the last few years, many watch brands have released new timepieces that were heavily inspired by older models.

Rolex did that in 2011 with a new version of the Explorer II, a model it first launched in 1971. In the last 40 years, it has seen a few changes, but it’s still very close to the first Explorer II. And that’s a good thing! Many watch collectors like the old Explorer II a lot, and Rolex has put in some design elements that bring the newest model much closer to the first but in a more contemporary package. It’s slightly bigger, it’s a bit bolder and it simply looks very cool.

Best Watches Of 2011

No.6 Best Watch with a Moon Phase – Sarpaneva Korona K3 Northern Stars

Sarpaneva is known among connoisseurs for its moon phase, and its newest creation is the Korona K3 Northern Stars. It shows two moons rotating around the dial, just below the hour and minute hands. Of course it has a beautiful mechanical movement, which is visible through the see-through caseback.

Best Watches Of 2011

No.5 Best Dive Watch – Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph

Omega released a new Planet Ocean Chronograph featuring its newest in-house movement, and  it’s a huge improvement over the previous model. The new PO Chrono has the coolest chronograph counter — the chronograph hours and minutes counter are combined in one register at the right side of the dial. Besides that, it has a depth rating of no less than 600 meters, so it’s ready for some serious deep-sea dive action.




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