GM FAIL: “THE GLORIOUS VOLT goes back to the drawing board”

DETROIT—General Motors Co. will buy back Chevrolet Volts from any owner who fears the car is a fire risk amid a U.S. safety investigation of its lithium-ion battery, the auto maker said Thursday.

The offer comes along with to GM’s move this week to offer loaners to 6,000 U.S. Volt owners in an effort to reassure customers after three crash-tests resulted in fires or sparks from the vehicle’s complex battery pack days or weeks after they sustained damage.

As of Thursday morning, 33 Volt owners asked for loaners, GM said. The company has been telling customers since Monday that they could return the cars, but so far no one has taken GM up on the offer, GM spokesman Selim Bingol said.

“If someone asks, we’ll snap it up in a second,” Mr. Bingol said. He said GM is confident the car is safe, but wants to ensure Volt customers are comfortable with their vehicle.

GM is working to head off a publicity crisis around the Volt, a car the auto maker has been touting for years as proof it cares about the environment and can deliver cutting-edge technology.

[VOLT] Associated PressGM is seeking to reassure customers following three Volt crash-tests that resulted in fires or sparks. Above, a Volt at a Michigan plant in July.




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