The reason why Kanye will never be the voice of the tech-babies: “LIL WAYNE”


I know I just lost a few readers based on the headline but think about it. One man said, ‘he will be the voice of a generation’ while the other just wanted love, respect and admiration from his fans. I’m sure you can decipher who either statement belongs to without my help. Okay, so we have come to expect that from Kanye but I think the bravado rap is misplaced in this economy.

During the infancy of Hip Hop, it was often referred to as the news source of urban communities. Not anymore, Rap or Hip Hop has not address any of our present day gripes with government or society. There are so many artists, thus overload, lack of originality, message, etc. It’s all about fit in where you can fit in, which is bull.

Yet with all that’s happening with our economy, Lil Wayne manages to relate to the everyday hip hop consuming youngster. He may talk about gangs, smoking or slamming a chick. He’s even slipped skateboard jargon in his tracks now. These are everyday occurrences in any urban setting, even suburbia.  He has cause a resurgence of skateboarding amongst youngsters who would never touch a skateboard. Lil Wayne has the ears and minds of all these youngsters. I mean, you see and hear it on the train everyday.

Please don’t take this as hate towards Kanye but his lyrics does not relate to the everyday ‘G in these streets.’ It is more of a dreamscape for the listener. Kanye likes to paint pictures for his audience, so as to take you into his world. He wants you to admire his work like a Monet, high art. However, this is absurd during such economic strife. The people want Banksy, Shepard and this is what Lil Wayne gives them.

Kanye tells you about the good life, something he’s been striving for since he got on the scene (something we should all strive for). He’s at a point in his career, where he doesn’t even rap anymore but drop fillers to complete a song. Kanye can go in but his new-found riches has taken him away from heads that use to be attached to his every word (and I was once, one of those heads). Kanye started a trend within Hip Hop, however Lil Wayne being the sponge he is, took the game to a next level without leaving his fans baffled to his direction. Listen to the Watch The Throne album and compare it with Lil Wayne’s last Carter.

Kanye-Ni**a’s in Paris:

Prince William’s ain’t do it right if you ask me
Cause if I was him I would have married Kate &a Ashley
What’s Gucci my ni**a?
What’s Louie my killa?
What’s drugs my deala?
What’s that jacket, Margiela?

Lil Wayne:

I’m calling ni**as out like the umpire
Seven, grams in the blunt
Almost drowned in her p-ssy so I swam to her butt
It’s Eastside, we in this bitch
Wish a nigga would like a tree in this bitch
And if a leaf fall put some weed in that bitch
That’s my MO add a B to that shit
I’m fucked up, torn down
I’m twisted: door knob

I would say mainstream Hip Hop has lost its touch; we can’t all have wrecked maybachs, run around with french models, the other other benz but a blunt and a bad bitch is arms length away. What do you all think?

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