YOUTUBE gets a NEW SKIN while my hunt for SKINZS continues…

Youtube gets a new layout before the FEDs wreck what is left of the media juggernaut that brought you Antoine Dodson, Leave Britney Alone fan meltdown and many other cinematic (pronounced synamatiq) gems. Nice, let’s go for 3D next time around. I could save a ton of quids by watching my movies in 20 part 5 minute clips at the CRIBBSKI. Anyways, my friend from East Hampton sent me the original layout of Youtube (below) as mentioned in Steve Jobs autobiography on page 155. It mentions Steve had recommended the team at Youtube use this logo at first, they rejected it. i would have used that logo, if I were management at Youtube:

We’ve known YouTube is due for a redesign, since Google has overhauled most of its other services like Gmail and Google Reader. Now, thanks to a clever hack posted to Reddit, we had a chance to snoop around and show you what it looks like.

The new design has a similar feel to Google’s other redesigned services, sporting a more industrial design that features bold colors and a bit of an industrial look.

The whole thing integrates with Google+. It also looks like it integrates with Facebook, though that was broken.

Via: businessinsider


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